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BlogHer - Part II: Chloe Dao Is A Sweetie Pie
I am a Project Runway fanatic. So, when I heard that Chloe Dao (winner of Season 2 for those of you who are not addicted yet) would be at BlogHer, I was thrilled.

At the Day 2 cocktail party, Pundit Mom (also a PR addict) and I stalked Chloe Dao. We approached our prey carefully. First, we just took pictures of her from a distance.

Then, we had our pictures taken with Chloe, who was incredibly sweet and approachable.

After we'd had a few glasses of wine, we actually balled up and had a nice conversation with Chloe. She told us about what she's been doing since Project Runway and told us a bit about her work as spokesperson for Dove. When she brought up body image issues, I nearly asked her to marry me on the spot.

We were standing there with Chloe when this video was taken:

You notice how Chloe keeps looking to her right as if she's having a conversation with a group? She was and that was us! Squeal!

Stay tuned for Part III where I dish dirt on Jenny from Mama Drama and The Blogess and her partners in crime, and Part IV where I demand that Elizabeth Edwards run for President. Why settle for Edwards Light (aka John) when you can have the real thing?

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Blogger Julie Pippert said...

Will you still love me if I say I have never seen PR?

What if I say this is very very cool and glad you met Chloe Dao?

And now...waiting for the dirt...

Blogger slouching mom said...

Umm, like Julie, I've not seen PR.

But I'm so glad you got to meet someone you liked!

Anonymous Emily said...

I've never seen it either. What is wrong with us?

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

Yes, what is wrong with you people??? LOL!

Pundit Mom & I were discussing this on Saturday night. Both of us could honestly say that we didn't watch reality TV until we got hooked on that show. Damn you, Bravo, damn you!

Anonymous Jenny said...

did I tell you I cut a chunk of my hair off accidentally in front of Chloe Dao?

Oh and dirt? There's no dirt to post about me. I was like an angel. No, a nun. A nun who was ignored by the other nuns for being *too* uptight.

Yep, that's me.

Blogger KC said...

Sigh. Missing seeing Chloe was the trade-off for my sightseeing, conference-ditching, plans on Day 2. I LOVE PR. Love it, love it, love it. Jealous.

I just caught up on your last two posts!

Thanks for the pics, it's fun to see people I read!

How exciting to meet Chloe!

Blogger DD said...

I thought looking to the right was an indication of dishonesty...or maybe she's checking to see if her stalkers have left.

Oh, you know I'm just kidding.

Next year, can I go stalking with you?

Blogger Kyla said...

I am so bummed I missed Saturday night. :( You will have to fill me in. That Jenny is a firecracker. *lol*

Blogger ewe are here said...

We don't get project runway over here...sigh.

Blogger flutter said...

She is really so super cute

Blogger PinkPowerSuit.com said...

I don't watch it either but a part of me wants to just design all my own clothes. Fashion design would be cool.

The most famous person I've ever met was Dana Something from Different Strokes. She played Kimberly. It was in New Brunswick and she was off drugs then. I walked into a general store to get some maple butter back when I was a vegan, to eat on the Greyhound bus on the way to Halifax with carrots, celery and FLAX SEEDS because I was a VEGAN and needed the protein and I was 15 and didn't know that flax seeds cause diahhrea (I know I spelled that wrong but I'm not looking it up)... but that's another story. She stood in front of me in line and I said.... nothing. Because I was in shock.

Now, I hope when I meet Jude Law that I will not stand there like an idiot but will exude such charm and sparkle that he will stalk me for the rest of my life.

Blogger Mamma said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who wishes Elizabeth would run. I would quit my job now to go work for her.

Blogger PunditMom said...

You can't have Chloe, she's mine! And, hey, E.E. for Prez is one of my next topics, too! I guess all great Libras think alike!

Blogger Nancy said...

Just this season I caught the last couple episodes of PR ... that's my MO, always a bit behind the times.

I will watch the next season from the start.

This interview with Chloe is really good ... was it a 'blogher" hat did it? Good questions and Chloe had good answers.

Blogger steph! said...

LOVE project runway...and Chloe was a favorite of mine. Great to see that she is so damn cool in "real" reality life...

Blogger jen said...

i think WE should be getting YOUR autograph, darling.

Blogger metro mama said...

It was a great weekend, wasn't it!

So nice to meet you.

Blogger Maureen said...

Arrrggghhh!! Reading all these posts is making me so jealous!!!

Wish I could have been there!

Blogger Her Bad Mother said...

Didn't see that season of PR, but am still jealous.


Anonymous dana said...

It was so great to meet you at BlogHer! And I'm dying because your blog and my review blog have the same template and I didn't even know it!

I'm gonna have to fix that. That Zoot is so talented, isn't she?

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

DD - I'm totally in for stalking next year. You can be my Nebraska bitch!

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