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...and then there were three.
Gary the Kitten

Meet Gary, the kitten.

Yep. Now there are three cats in our house. You see, Patches, while a very sweet kitten, is very skittish. It turns out that she's much older than the animal shelter thought, her growth was just stunted from malnutrition. While we're sure she'll warm up to the boys over time, right now she hides under the couch if she even hears one of them. She also runs if either T or I try to even approach her. She has to come to us.

While that's fine for me and T, Hollis, who was really missing Pandy, was not happy with the situation. So, sucker me went out and picked up another kitten. This one is actually a young kitten - he's about 8 weeks old now. T named him Gary, after Sponge Bob's pet snail. When I hear his name, I keep looking for a 48 year old, balding accountant instead of a cute striped kitten.

It's turned out to be good for Patches too. She and Gary play incessantly and they leave Hilly alone more. Which makes him happy. Trust me, when Sir Hillary isn't happy then nobody's happy!

Now I'm just 20 cats or so away from becoming a crazy lady.

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Blogger emily said...

Ahhhh, congratulations on the newest member of the family.

I gotta guess that boys are easier on kittens then girls? I mean boys don't want to put doll dresses on the kittens right? Maybe?

Blogger Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Aw, Gary is cute. Congrats on your latest edition, crazy cat lady! ;)

Anonymous Average Jane said...

Congrats! I think three is a good number of cats to have. That way two of them can play or cuddle while the third goes its own way. If you're lucky, the combinations keep shifting.

Blogger Julie Pippert said...

Ha ha ha you're cute when you don't think you're crazy.

Gary! The kitten! OMG the adorable! Love the name, love the little bitty kitten face.

Do not show my kids.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gary is a great cat name.

Are you going to rename Sir Hillary to Sir Barack?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, yeah. Consider this a warning:

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

Emily - They just try to squish them instead of dress them. And they don't understand why Gary doesn't want to play with their trains.

AD - Now that's an idea....

Pair - Oh my. Oh my. Ahhhhhhhh!

Blogger Defiantmuse said...

aww. sooo cute! Monkey is going to be all over your cats when we come visit. She chases O around constantly now although he has no problems holding his own.

Blogger ExPatSW said...

pair: My allergies just went into overdrive!

Blogger ExPatSW said...

LM: Gary is adorable! How's Hilly dealing with it?

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