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Everyone, Meet Jimbo The Sexist Moron
I recently wrote a post for D.C. Metro Moms about sexism in advertising. You might want to read it if you want the back story.

Well, I got a comment last night from my post that I just had to share with everyone. It's from someone aptly named, Jimbo. I'm picturing him in a wife beater t-shirt, with a remote in his hand, screaming at his wife, "Bring me another beer, b*tch!"

Here's his comment in full, typos and all:

You broads are really something else. I feel so sorry for your husbands, if they are still around.

Listen carefully: Feeding your kids is not a bad thing. Keeping a clean home is not a bad thing. It is part of mommy's responsibility, and she should do it happily. This is not sexist. It is woman's work. And it is a lot easier than typical men's work.

Even in a family where both parents work, it is the man who generally makes much more money. This is also not due to sexism or a glass celing. It is because he has chosen a much tougher, dangerous job and works more hours. Also, in the majority of these duel income families where the man earns more, he contributes a greater % of his income to the family's necessities and bills. The wife gets to "play around" with her income, spending it on herself and "fun stuff". The man contributes more financially.

In a family of a man and a woman, there are gender specific chores. Ever notice which gender an auto part store targets? It's men. Does that infuriate you too? When mommy drives for two weeks with the check engine light on, it's daddy's job to fix the car. He also does repairs around the house, mows the lawn, takes out the trash, and does most of the heavy lifting. If there is an unwelcome guest or intruder, it is the daddy's job to handle the situation and keep his family safe. While, hopefully, this is not an everyday duty, it is a man's responsibility that no woman would want.
Bottom line, until you are ready to do man's work, don't complain about your woman's work.

Personally, I think Black Eye Peas send a much more negative messege to kids than "mommy is racing to feed us".
Apparently Jimbo didn't do his homework before he commented on a post written by "Lawyer Mama." (And he doesn't know how to use spell check.)


Oh, and if you'd like to comment to email Jimbo directly, his email address is jimbojonesx@hotmail.com and his IP address is Just to help everyone out, I'll tell you that the IP address is located in Los Angeles.

Welcome to 2008, Jimbo. It's full of uppity women. Enjoy!

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Blogger Butterflyfish said...

Oh, Jimbo. I cannot thank you enough. Seriously, I feel more enlightened about my proper role in society thanks to you. I can't beleive I have gotten this far in life without those pearls of wisdom.

Thank you for posting his comment, Lawyermama. Really, it has changed my perspective on my proper place in the world.

Gonna go invest in some pearls with my "play around" money to wear with my heels while I prepare a martini for my poor put-upon hardworking husband, after I've cleaned the house, put the kid to bed, and prepared a perfect meal served steaming hot, followed by whatever 'unpleasant business' my husband wants after his day of "man's work."

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh oh, sounds like jimbojonesx@hotmail.com of Los Angeles has a very, very small penis. Poor, Jimbo trying to compensate for his unmanly mini-member by attacking us simple sassy broads.

Was it sexist to mock Jimbo and his piddly penis? Silly, silly me. I meant to be siziest, not sexist. If only I had a big manly brain and was able to fix things, take out the trash, and keep my family safe while traipsing around in kitten heels! Poor me.

Blogger Christy said...

Some people truly surprise me, with their antiquated views and the things they actually let come out of their mouths.

I wonder if there is actually a Mrs. Jimbo? Maybe Jimbo is still living in Mommy's basement.

Anyway, I am off to spend my 'play around' money now. Hubby can worry about all those bills from now on.

Blogger flutter said...

is that the same jimbo who wrote "How to be a Sexist Asswipe in Three Easy Steps"?


Huh. Coincidence.

Blogger Moondance said...


No, seriously.

It doesn't seem like he was writing satire, but he must have been imitating Archie Bunker for our entertainment, right? 'Cause people don't REALLY think that way, right? Right?

It's enlightening to learn that some people's world view is so narrow that they can't see beyong their own life and recognize that people are different. I have no doubt that Jimbo is decribing his own marriage, but it's really sad if all of the people he knows are in the same situation...

I have friends who have the 1950's marriage, by choice and mutual agreement, but none of them thing thant is the way it HAS to be.

This is so sad. it makes me appreciate my frineds and coworkers who are, you know, normal.

Blogger Moondance said...

So how do you work the spell check on this thing?

Sorry if my previous typos burned your eyes.

Blogger Kyla said...

I wonder what Jimbo would say if he knew I was a stay at home mom and my husband cooks dinner, washes the dishes and cleans the kitchen (among other "womanly" things). Ahem.

Blogger Gwen said...

"duel income families" was probably unintentionally hilarious, no?

Oh, yes, my husband does have a very dangerous job: finance, you know, IS a den of thieves. So much more threatening than working with urban yutes.

Blogger Nancy said...

Having been a single mom, single home owner & car owner (repairer/keeper of), single income ...

I learned long ago not to enter into these goofy debates.

I'd have to lower my thinking to their level, then they usually beat me with experience.

Blogger ExPatSW said...

I hazard a guess that Jimbo's knuckles scrape the ground when he walks!

Los Angeles? So that's where the 'missing link' is!


Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

Well, clearly your husband is a pussy, Kyla. I believe that's what he called mine in his follow up (now deleted) comment on the DC Metro Moms blog! Very original. It was right up there with his latest insult (also deleted) - "You're fat!" LOL!

Nancy - You're so right. But maybe you could explain "lowest common denominator" to Jimbo. I don't think he understood.

Gwen - Oh yeah. T faces constant deadly attacks from his computer thumb drives. And just last week he got a paper cut. Since he's such a pussy, we took him to the ER.

Oh. My . God.

Anonymous wright said...

Oh My! That is hilarious and sad. I can't believe this guy and that he still exists in 2008. Really?!?! I thought he went extinct in the 70s.

Blogger Biggie-Z said...

Jimbo, troll much?

I must be married to one of those pussy husbands, too. Odd, he seems to like being married to me. Must be because I'm fat.

But guess what, Jimbo, he can still kick your ass.


Blogger Julie Pippert said...

I hope Jimbo's mommy gets him etiquette lessons and Internet lockout for this 12th birthday.

So let me get this straight...I'm don't need to be changing outlets, repairing holes in the walls, painting, taking out the trash, pulling weeds, and what all else is there?

My husband is supposed to be doing that?

As for autoparts you'd be hardpressed to have my husband say he knows more than me, or does jack for my car, which I take care of 100% by myself. LOL

And I'm supposed to have playing around money that I spend on myself?

Oh let me get right on that!

Boy how-do it's lucky Jimbo is around to enlighten me.

I wonder what his next act will be!

Hopefully his play closes early.

Jimbo sounds like he's been reading too many Dr. Laura books.

Blogger Defiantmuse said...

dude. I would LOVE to read your response. LOL. Email me.

Blogger PunditMom said...

Where to start? He lives in L.A.?? Let's send Girl's Gone Child after him!

Blogger BipolarLawyerCook said...

Duel income indeed. Methinks Jimbo's gonna get shivved by his wifey-pifey when he last expects it. It's so sad it's funny.

Blogger dawn224 said...

snort. oh Jimbo, Jimbo, Jimbo. Why am I picturing a combover and a tiny penis?

Blogger Still Learning said...

Bwwahahahhahahaha...maybe Jimbo should learn how to read before attempting (emphasis on 'attempting') to write. Maybe read a few "Lawyer Mama" posts even, just to familiarize himself with his intended victim. Well sis, all I can say is go easy on him, he unknowingly brought a knife to a nuke fight....... On second thought, screw it...Kick his ass Sea bass!!

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

B! Hey there! How's Kuwait treating you? Hot enough? Email me, you slacker!

(My brother knows me so well!)

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