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How to Cheat - My Pre-School Update

Last week I promised to let all of you know if I figured out the secret to getting Hollis into the pre-school of my choice. (I'll call it "THE School.") Well, it happened. We cracked the code. I'd like to say that my stalking paid off, but really all we had to do was cheat! Who knew?

So here's the story for those of you who didn't read my Stop the Madness post last week. THE School is in danger of filling up before they start letting the unwashed masses inside. First, the siblings register. Then members of the church, with which THE School is affiliated, register. Then and only then do the rest of us heathens have a shot. And for this year, it looked like very few heathens were going to have a shot at all. Well, our sitter, M, sent both of her boys to THE School. And two of the older pre-schoolers she watches, Grace and Peyton, are also at THE School. So M (have I mentioned that she is a godess?) had a chat with a few teachers and the head of THE School and they've agreed to let Hollis in as a "sibling" to Grace and Peyton. Apparently all the teachers know Hollis pretty well anyway. You see he has this whole life without me once I leave for work in the morning! M has taken Hollis to THE School many times for drop off and pick-ups and various school programs over the last year and a half. And I'm sure my little man charmed the pants off of everyone he met. That's just how he is. He's also frighteningly well behaved when T and I aren't around. Of course this also underscores my fear that his sitter is a far better parent than I am, so we'll just forget about that for now, m'kay?

THE School is by no means a shi shi school (thanks for the term, shi shi, Gunfighter!) but it is a good school, and it's convenient, and Hollis is comfortable there, and I'm sure it will be great for him. This is all rather anti-climactic after the time I spent worrying, but I'm happy that Hollis will be set for next year. And I'll be buying M a case of something yummy and alcoholic for Christmas!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

No cheating, LM -- just networking! ;)

This is PunditMom!

Blogger Gunfighter said...

Glad you were successful, LM.

When I was a young Marine at the tender age of 17, an old Corporal (he must have been 20!) in my platoon told shared some wisdom with me that I hereby pass on to you:

"Gunfighter" said he, "the game is rigged against guys like you an' me, so, if you ain't cheatin' you ain't tryin'."

Blogger CPA Mom said...

I'd love to chat with you via email as we live so close. I'm wondering if this is the church school we've been considering.

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