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The other day after admonishing Hollis to SHARE his legos with Holden for the 5000th time, I started to think about sharing a bit more. I mean, I can understand why it's such a hard concept for toddlers to grasp. Most of the adults I know still haven't figured out how to share. When was the last time you had some random stranger sitting next to you in the movie theater reach over & take your popcorn away? Never happened to you? So can you get why a toddler would be slightly peeved when some kid on the playground comes over & wants to use your toddler's favorite truck? I totally get it.

So if we're going to insist that our toddlers share with everyone, let's apply the same rules to ourselves. We could start with Israel and Palestine and make them sit down and figure out how to share. Maybe that's too controversial to start out, so let's try this - the next time a pan handler on the street asks you for some money, bust out your wallet and give him a few bucks. Sharing's not so hard, is it?

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Blogger Scrap Princess said...

Sharing is an important thing. Why is it so hard to share? A lot of times I believe fear can get in the way of sharing. Fear that you could be doing more harm than good; fear that you might lose yourself; fear that you might be betrayed. But in the eyes of a child, it will always be "It was mine first!"

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

D - You're so right! And "It was mine first" - isn't that the whole argument in the Middle East. Maybe we should send a preschool teacher in to broker an accord. LOL!

Blogger Amer said...

What a great concept and thought! Next time I aske Cole to share I'll be reminded!

Blogger Kristin said...

Very good thought!

Blogger STEPHANIE said...

That is a very interesting parallel you drew! And oh so true! :)

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