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The Parental Goes Political
The women of the Silicon Valley,Chicago, and DC Metro Moms Blogs have been talking about politics a lot lately. Have you noticed? In the year preceding an election, it's only natural that that so many well educated and articulate women are talking about the future of our country. The problem? We don't seem to be taken seriously. At least not as seriously as the "men."

A recent column in The Caucus, the political blog of the New York Times asks whether men are more involved than women in blogging about politics. The consensus seemed to be that, yes, they are, although no one seems to be able to explain it. I think the answer lies not in brash statistics, but in redefining "involvement."

Women bloggers, at least the bloggers I know, don't tend to blog exclusively about politics. We write about the environment, education, health care, our families, our jobs, our lives and politics. However, we aren't always looking for the next sound bite from a politician or dissecting the latest poll figures. We write about what concerns us in a way that concerns us and resonates with our readers. Read More....

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Blogger PunditMom said...

Thanks for getting us started on this!

Blogger OhTheJoys said...

You go, friend! Tell em!

Blogger S said...

Keep talking politics, LM. I love it when you do!

Blogger Gunfighter said...

Did someone mention politics?

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